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ESC – European Shippers' Council

Blockchain for improving customs compliance

Researchers of Delft University of Technology and of the Erasmus School of Law collaborate in the JUST project to investigate how to improve compliance with customs in supply chains. Part of the research is about the use of blockchain technology for information sharing.  (more…)

CORE movie

CORE movie presents the essence of the CORE project and outlines its main developments. This is an updated version of the previous CORE video. One of the solutions for efficient data collection and distribution within supply chain, specifically for the exchange of data with customs, is Felixstowe development. (more…)

Cargo online route planner

The online route planner Navigate launched by the Port of Rotterdam helps logistics planning and will be still improved. This tool will provide more insight into the carbon footprint of container transport and will show real-time data on the Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure (ETA and ETD) of sea-going vessels. (more…)

Rail freight transport

This year European Shippers’ Council continues its cooperation with railway partners to improve the rail freight corridor structure, to work on possible solutions for the noise problem, and to insist on contingency planning for unexpected accidents like Rastatt. (more…)

Be aware of Xyllella and Bursaphelenchus

Due to the increasing global trade, the contamination of certain plants and wood by certain types of insects, is spreading further. The infected plants while being moved long-distance away for planting can transmit the disease. The contamination is also transmitted by the packaging materials made of contaminated wood. (more…)