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ESC – European Shippers' Council

CORE at Intermodal, 28-30 November

During the Intermodal 2017 Conference that will take place in Amsterdam on the 28th – 30th of November, ESC together with SEACON and TNO will present the CORE project during the ESC Forum session. (more…)

ESC Maritime Transport Council, Brussels, 29 November

ESC members are welcome to join the ESC internal Maritime Transport Council meeting in Brussels on the 29th of November. As the ESC Maritime Day in Genoa will not take place, we are happy that Stephan SIMON, Olaf MERK, and Thomas JENSEN will join our discussion. Stephan Simon, representing the European Commission, will explain (more…)

Posting of workers

Transport services will be excluded from the scope of the Posting of Workers Directive. They will be dealt with in the Mobility Package legislation. However, ESC is not satisfied with the proposals included in the package.


CO2 emissions in maritime

Shipping emissions are predicted to increase between 50% and 250% by 2050 . The European Shipper’s Council has been always favouring a global approach to this global problem. Regional regulations should not be put in place as they bring a risk of distortion of competition and traffic avoidance. But transparency and real energy efficiency of ships (more…)