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ESC – European Shippers' Council

Benelux collaboration on customs

6 October 2017, Brussels, the Benelux Union organised a conference for the customs authorities and representatives of the organised trade. The aim of the meeting was to discuss how the participants could benefit from the Benelux project to develop more innovative and harmonized customs solutions in the Benelux Union countries.  This meeting was the first one in a series planned.


ESC meets Director-General for Mobility and Transport

ESC Chairman Denis Choumert, Secretary General Nik Delmeire, and Policy Director Godfried Smit paid a visit to Mr Hololei, the European Commission Director-General for Mobility and Transport, to discuss relevant developments for shippers. The ESC delegation explained the difficult situation on the shortage of drivers and logistical personnel. (more…)

Planning international rail capacity

ESC would like to share with you the information kindly provided by our partners in the rail transport mode, the RailNetEuope and Forum Train Europe, about the Redesign of International Timetabling Process (TTR). “Incomplete harmonisation of timetabling procedures between European countries makes it difficult to cooperate at international level.


ESC developments in rail

In the Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017, ESC organised two joint workshops with railways to agree on a joint agenda to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of rail freight for shippers. The joint agenda focuses on the needs to improve punctuality and reliability, to reduce operating costs and costs related to track access charges, to increase flexibility for shippers, to maximise the use of available capacity and to improve the efficiency of last mile operations while investing in last mile infrastructure. (more…)

ESC at the Rail Market Place Seminar

14-15 September 2017, Duisburg, ESC voiced its position at the Market Place Seminar, an annual rail freight event, co-organized by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA).  The ESC underlined the key success factors of a railway service for shippers: regularity, frequency, flexibility in capacity allocation, reliability, and existence of contingency plans.


Registration is open: ESC Maritime Day 2017


29 November 2017, Genoa, the European Shippers’ Council is holding its annual Maritime Day.  The event will offer a unique opportunity to both international shippers and operators in the field of shipping and logistics to share their views on key maritime issues. The main focus of this year event will be on Competition and Innovations in Maritime Transport

Conference: Belt and Road Initiative

23 November, 2017, Bruges, the European Shippers’ Council, with the support of the Global Shippers’ Alliance and together with the College of Europe are organising the conference“The Belt and Road Initiative: EU-China Logistics and Supply Chain”. The registration for the event opens soon. (more…)