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ESC – European Shippers' Council

ESC Position Paper on Mobility Package

European Shippers’ Council in its Position paper on Mobility package stresses that clarity of legislation is a prerequisite for enforcement of the European rules and that Mobility Package should contribute to the efficient and sustainable road transport and logistics in Europe. This should be done by avoiding market fragmentation and creating a level playing field across Europe. More about ESC position on the social dimension issues and road charges covered in the first part of the Mobility package can be read in the ESC Position Paper on Mobility Package, January 2018.

Benelux and India go digital

India and the Benelux have now reached an agreement on digital documents for, among others, food and vegetables. A pilot for the use of digital information will be conducted between the Indian and Dutch authorities. (more…)

Core project and its pilots

CORE project through its research and demonstrations has created key tools to make global trade and logistics highly efficient and secure. The CORE business cases are focused on: (more…)

The “black box” opened by DTLF

Connecting business processes across stakeholders in a supply chain data pipeline is beneficial and at the same time safe and secure. But the transport part is to be fully integrated in these pipelines … and preferably soon! (more…)

Cooperation on CO2 to save money

According to Sophie Punte, the Executive Director of the Smart Freight Centre, “if all partners contribute we can realize double digit CO2 reductions. Carriers and cargo owners can both take decisions that matter. Reducing emissions can, first of all, save cargo owners and carriers money and help improve their competitiveness. Secondly, sustainability efforts respond to growing concerns of modern and critical consumers. Thirdly, by acting as leaders, companies can earn a seat at the table with governments to influence policy proactively and constructively”. (more…)

Second part of Mobility Package

The European Commission has published the second part of the Mobility Package. This part is focused mainly on environmental aspects of transport as well as on changes of the multimodal transport directive. The publication was carefully synchronized with the start of the Climate conference taking place in Bonn. (more…)

GHG emissions: briefing from IMO

The latest session of the International Maritime Organisation on greenhouse gas emissions took place in October 2017. This set out the outline of a strategy on reducing GHGs from ships and presented a number of options. The paper will be discussed further at the next round of IMO talks in April 2018. The key points are highlighted below: (more…)