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ESC – European Shippers’ Council

Rail Transport

Many shippers use rail freight as part of their logistics mix, but more could do so if the conditions were right. Unfortunately, rail freight’s performance does not always match the performance of alternatives such as road freight. ESC works closely with railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and policy makers to ensure that rail freight’s performance improves, with a specific focus on cross-border services.

While shippers all have specific needs, the following parameters are of crucial importance to them:

Other parameters which are also important include the need for attractive transit times, a certain degree of flexibility – especially for shippers operating in volatile and fluctuating markets – and the need to be able to track and trace shipments.

ESC’s role is to ensure that these concerns and expectations are well understood by all parties along the supply chain, including railway undertakings and infrastructure managers, and that the regulatory framework allows and encourages positive changes to make it easier for the rail sector to meet shippers’ expectations.