Rail Freight Days in Vienna: shippers at the centre of rail freight policy

On 9 December, the European Commission will organise the third session of its annual Rail Freight Days in Vienna. This conference, which will gather most infrastructure managers and railway undertakings in Europe, will for the first time put shippers’ needs at the centre of the policy debate, as a result of a successful campaign by ESC.

The conference will start with a session on rail freight’s customers’ needs, looking at how rail policy and the international rail freight corridors could help deliver progress towards shippers’ goals. It will also contain a session on how to provide better information to rail freight’s customers, such as an estimated time of arrival in case of delay. Finally, the conference will feature a strategic lunch debate where all companies along the logistics chain will be able to discuss concrete improvements in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness of rail freight. This lunch debate should be the precursor for the strategic annual meeting of all rail freight corridors that ESC has been calling for.

For more information on this conference, please contact Pauline Bastidon – pbastidon@fta.co.uk