PERMAGOV project kick-off meeting

Brussels, 14 February 2024, the first PERMAGOV consortium meeting kicked off in Brussels to discuss maritime governance. The ESC provides input to PERMAGOV as an end-user of the EU Green Deal maritime policies.

PERMAGOV is set to improve EU marine governance to better achieve the goals and objectives established in the European Green Deal. The current fragmented nature of marine governance needs to change towards more cross-cutting and agile arrangements, in sync with wider developments taking place at sea, at shores and on land.

PERMAGOV will pilot a novel multi-level governance approach for various regional seas and national waters around Europe, targeting four areas of key importance to sustainable development: marine energy, maritime transport, marine life, and marine plastics.

ESC provides input to PERMAGOV as partner to the project and an end-user of the EU Green Deal maritime policies, in two use-cases: “Motorways of the Sea” (ESC end-user) and “Decarbonising Shipping”. Part of the first PERMAGOV consortium is a special session dedicated to collect input from selected stakeholders.