Deutsche Bahn completes digital freight train test run

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has completed the first practical test of the so-called digital freight train. This test train was equipped with various prototypes of digital automatic couplers (DAC). The trial convoy ran throughout Europe for several months to assess the functionality of DAC under different conditions to identify possible weak points.

The next step, as DB pointed out, should involve the DAC manufacturers to have it ready for series production. Moreover, the German Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) has unlocked an additional seven million euros for a further test phase. It is unclear for now what kinds of tests this new phase would entail. Up to the end of 2022, the German Ministry invested around 13 million euros for the test phase just concluded. With the new injection of seven million, the total investment from the BMDV in the DAC project reaches 20 million euros. has more information and details here.