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An open letter on rail…

In an open letter to the Transport Council the European Shippers’ Council, Clecat, ERFA, UIRR, T&E and EPF ask Member States to drive forward the rail sector’s  growth and competitiveness.

To steer rail away from the under-investment and poor performance that plagues the sector, member states should recognize the role that open markets can play in promoting  investment and growth to the benefit of customers and the environment.


Member states should promote efficient and growth-orientated management of the rail infrastructure. That means ensuring the independent behaviour of the infrastructure manager, not only in the allocation of capacity and in the determination and collection of charges, but also as a minimum in the maintenance and traffic management of the rail system. Therefore , Member States must take concrete steps forward in creating a strong and independent infrastructure manager that embodies the fundamental conditions needed for a competitive rail system.


Coordination Committees must be established by the Member States for bringing together all the users, including the customers and local authorities to work together with the infrastructure manager and railway undertakings in improving the performance and customer-orientation of the rail network.

Public funding in the rail sector should be used to stimulate investment, not to constrain growth in the sector. Cross-subsidization in the use of public funds and other sources of revenue raised by the infrastructure manager should be ended as it endangers the level playing field and the competitiveness of the sector.

Open letter

Member States should remove the remaining barriers in the Market pillar to enhance the competitiveness of the rail sector.

 Open Letter – Market pillar

This article was posted on July 14th, 2015 by ESC under News