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First Tests With “Mega Trucks” in Spain

General Motors has carried out its first tests with so-called “mega trucks” at an Opel plant in Spain.

In response to pending regulations from the Spanish General Traffic Directorate (Direccion General Traffico) transport companies are conducting their first tests with mega trucks. These trucks have more loading capacity compared to a regular set of a tractor unit with a semi-trailer; a mega truck has 66 per cent more tons of loading capacity. The DGT regulations would allow mega trucks on the Spanish roads.
These tests were carried out together with transport companies Gefco and Marcotran. The aim was to test whether their facilities were ready for the loading and unloading of material and to what extent the roads could carry these trucks. It was concluded that the factory was ready for the mega trucks.
The amount of consumed fuel per transported ton for these mega trucks is lower than were the same freight to be carried by two vehicles. This can be illustrated by the experiences of other countries which have already allowed these trucks on their roads. Additionally, these trucks would also improve efficiency and stimulate both lower prices and lower emissions.

The mega trucks are already in use in several European countries such as the Scandinavian countries. In Germany and France testing has already been extended.

This article was posted on March 17th, 2016 by ESC under News