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ESC encounters Lithuanian transport minister

The final BESTFACT conference took place in one of the most promising emerging EU regions, the Baltic, in the Lithuanian cities of Kaunas and Klaipeda.

The event included ambitious speeches of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Sinkevicius, the General Director of Lithuanian Railways Mr. Dailydka, the Corporate Affairs Director of Klaipeda Seaport Authority Mr. Drungilas, the Mayor of Klaipėda Mr. Grubliauskas and thirty other international speakers.

Transport and logistics experts presented and discussed best practice innovations along the BESTFACT clusters urban freight, green logistics/co-modality and e-freight. These examples proved to be ‘best practice’ cases because they are increasing productivity and competitiveness of supply chains, are transferable to other businesses, have potential for further market growth and contribute to the EC policy objective of a more sustainable transport development in the EU. BESTFACT, of which ESC is partner, proved yet again to be the suitable platform for cross-fertilization of freight innovations and experiences between policy makers, industry and science.

Contributions included plans of the Klaipeda seaport to facilitate LNG supply routing after the expansion of the Panama and Suez Canal. Effective intermodal solutions were presented, such as new rail/road combined transport developments to liaise the Baltic countries with the Black Sea region and Western Europe. Green Corridor portals were elaborated, aiming at assessing, reviewing, measuring and sharing green freight measures. Innovations in sustainable logistics, green intermodal platforms and electro mobility in the German context were presented. Austria showed an ambitious national city-logistics policy, notably with a new system of scorecards for successful goods mobility practices. In addition, city authorities from Brussels and Paris presented their urban last-mile sustainable policy plans.

BESTFACT outcomes over the total project life time were extensively elaborated upon by the project partners and the coordinator PTV. These included 150 descriptions of EU best practice cases; 60 detailed best practice surveys on EU freight logistics solutions; 4 best practice implementation actions for SME’s; and 3 analysed innovative policy schemes. 3 best practice handbooks were issued, which are including all BESTFACT cluster results, with selected best practices explained in detail. With the help of these handbooks and of another report on recommendations from the BESTFACT evaluation, decision makers in private business and public authorities can learn how to cope with central challenges and how to apply and reproduce successful concepts and business strategies in logistics and freight transport.

A technical visit became a learning experience for all guests. It included a boat tour at Klaipėda Seaport and a visit to the new Vilnius intermodal terminal. The final BESTFACT results will also be presented on demand of EU officials in Brussels.


This article was posted on November 11th, 2015 by ESC under News