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Core project and its pilots

CORE project through its research and demonstrations has created key tools to make global trade and logistics highly efficient and secure. The CORE business cases are focused on:

As the project ends before summer 2018, it is logical that results are beginning to show. The CORE newsletter gives proof of that.

Dissemination is taking place not only “on paper” but also at conferences. In November, the project partners delivered a successful dissemination session organised by Dutch Customs targeted at European policy makers from DG TAXUD, DG HOME, World Customs Organisation, and customs from several countries including the US. The event showed how data pipelines set up by the industry are connectable to the Customs’ systems giving them more visibility and therefore allowing to improve and speed up customs processes.

This article was posted on December 18th, 2017 by Katsiaryna Kliuyeva under News