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Benelux on European Modular System

The Benelux has reached an umbrella agreement on border crossing operations onward from 2017 with EMS combinations (longer and heavier vehicles).

A precondition for entering into force is  It is  that Flanders extend their pilot (currently for 2 EMS’es) and then agrees with the opportunity Benelux has created.  In Belgium the region have the power to agree or disagree on EMS. Wallonia still has to start with a pilot. Luxemburg has said they will not allow border crossing with EMS-combinations. EVO and OTM will work together to speed up the process in Belgium. EMS is a big success in The Netherland with far more than 1000 EMS combinations active. France has (until next elctions closed the door for the megatrucks.

This article was posted on December 2nd, 2015 by Godfried Smit under News