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ESC – European Shippers’ Council

Parliamentary Event on the Future of Rail Freight

On 5 December, ESC attended a parliamentary event on the future of rail freight, organised by Rail Forum Europe and hosted by the Chairman of the European Parliament Transport Committee.

The discussions focused on the attractiveness of rail freight, competition with road, and how rail could adapt to technological and environmental challenges (including the issue of rail freight generated noise). ESC pointed out that rail and road are complementary options and that rail will not become more competitive by trying to undermine the competitiveness of road transport. Many shippers would like to make more use of rail freight, but rail needs to deliver on all the following parameters to be considered as a suitable option:

–       Reliability & punctuality

–       Cost-competitiveness

–       Attractive lead times, which would also help increase wagon turnover

–       Customer-service – including good responsiveness to planning requests and the provision of an estimated time of arrival in case of delays

–       Flexibility

ESC also highlighted the importance of access to the rail network and of last mile infrastructure for shippers.

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This article was posted on December 9th, 2016 by ESC under EventsNews