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Kilometer Charge in Belgium Affects Price

On April 1, 2016, the kilometer charge (kilometerheffing) for freight transport in Belgium will be implemented.

This charge will apply to all vehicles of 3.5 tons and above. According to research conducted by the organization Graydon and TLV, the organization for transport and logistics in Flanders, the kilometer charge would increase the price. For general national transport this increase would be around 7,94% and for general international transport between 1,43% and 3,12%. For the Netherlands and Luxembourg this increase would be higher.

The surveys conducted by the two organizations showed that 54,22% of the Flemish carriers believes that they could charge their costumers 80 to 100% of the costs of the kilometer charge for routes with freight. However, for routes without freight this percentage would be significantly lower (21.7%). 66,2% of the Flemish carriers expects that the kilometer charge will lead to a deterioration of their competition position with regard to foreign transporters. Almost half of the carriers fears that their customers will go to foreign harbors instead to avoid the kilometer charge.

TLV is asking the Belgian government to support an efficient payment system with a brief payment period of max. 30 days. Additionally, it believes that consistent monitoring is important and in case of non-compliance a fee should be payed. Lower loans in the transport sector are also proposed as a way to keep Belgian transport competitive.

OTM, the Belgian Shipper’s Council, stresses that transport prices have to be determined in cooperation with both the shipper and the carrier, taking into account all cost elements. According to OTM clear agreements are very important and both parties need to find an agreeable solution. To achieve this, OTM provides information. An overview with solutions proposed by OTM can be found here:

This article was posted on March 30th, 2016 by ESC under News