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Stakeholders want data pipeline for air cargo

This article was posted on May 8th, 2017 by under News

24-25 April, 2017, Kista, Sweden, the concept of the data pipeline for air cargo was the main topic of the two-day workshop organised by the Trade&Cargo Facilitation Association (TCF) and hosted by Ericsson, a member of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA). The event took place just three months after the launch of the white paper on the need for improvement in air cargo industry by the Shippers’ Advisory Committee of TIACA.

However much the concept of air cargo data pipeline is challenging, more than 80 percent of companies attending the event expressed their willingness to get deeply involved in concrete steps towards it implementation. The combination of hardware, software and services that connects trusted users to provide secure, fast and reliable data exchange in logistics increases business efficiency, reduces margins of errors and increases safety. This is a goal for all. Why hasn’t this goal been achieved yet? (more…)

Security on rail

This article was posted on April 28th, 2017 by under News

The 15th meeting of the EU Expert Group for Land Transport Security (LANDSEC) took place on the 26th of April 2017. The Commission is working on a policy to improve the security on rail. After some incidents in passenger trains (Thalys) the Commission has prioritized the passenger transport for measures to be taken. The ticketing and analysing of passenger data will be studied in particular.  For the moment, Freight transport will be out of scope.


Brexit: informal task force

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Organisations in the Trade Contact Group have decided to work together on monitoring and sharing views on the Brexit process. The European position will become public on the 29 April 2017. The informal task force will also advocate a meaningful and coherent consultation process. All parties involved are aiming at a process having a minimal impact on import, export and logistical processes. The associations, for a time being, will work together in an informal way.

Customs automation

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ESC is a member of one of the European Commission’s expert groups – Trade Contact Group – which deals with the Union Customs Code implementation, thus with the automation of the European customs.

The European Commission Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) provides the timeline to set European customs applications. At the moment, it is under revision.  The present MASP defines the 31st December 2020 as the final date of the implementation process. However, because of a lack of budget and other resources this date is not likely to be met. (more…)

Netherlands opts for exemption from driving licence directive

This article was posted on by under News

A group of 13 Dutch associations including Dutch Shippers’ Council  evefenedex  is advocating an exemption from the directive on driving licences that limits the use of heavier light commercial vehicles by the holders of a driving licence type C.

The request  regards electrical vans. The batteries used in these vans increase the gross weight of the cars and have the additional consequence of  exceeding  the gross weight limit (3500 kg is the maximum weight for vans to be used by drivers in possession of a licence type C). The type C licence is the  type of driving licence used for private cars and vans.  (more…)

ESC and export problem, mentioned in the press:

This article was posted on April 24th, 2017 by under News

Since ESC’s first press release of the 17th of March 2017, the press reported on the problems that shippers are faced with in ports: the insufficient capacity to take all shipments, no guarantee that all goods of a shipment will be loaded, increasing prices for the available slots. ESC gave interviews and provided additional information to a number of publications:

  1. American Shipper, Shanghai’s Yangshan Port suffers massive delays”, 17.04.2017
  2. Journal of Commerce, “Asia-Europe spot market begins to inch up”, 14.04.2017
  3. PaRR, “Shipping alliances provoke global antitrust pushback”, 11.04.2017
  4. Lloyd’s List, “Carriers blame unseasonal demand for European exporters’ woes”, 06.04.2017
  5. The Wall Street Journal, “Cargo Owners Complain of ‘Total Mess’ Shipping Goods to Asia”, 05.04.2017
  6. The LoadStar, “Capacity-stricken box lines under fire from European shippers over lost contracts”, 05.04.2017
  7. Splash 24/7, “Extra capacity on main east-west trades set to calm shipper nerves”, 05.04.2017
  8. Lloyd’s List, “New alliances fail to reassure European shippers as cargo backlog grows”, 05.04.2017
  9. Journal of Commerce, “European shippers say exports to Asia delayed weeks”, 04.04.2017
  10. Splash 24/7, “Who’s fooling who as alliance reschuffle falls tomorrow”, 31.03.2017
  11. Shipping Watch, “Shippers want the EU to look into liner rules”, 29.03.2017
  12. Port technology, “Maiden Voyage Route Announced for Largest Containership”, 29.03.2017
  13. American Shipper, “ESC complains about ‘huge booking crunch’ “, 28.03.2017
  14. Port technology, “Shippers raise concern over alliance changes”, 28.03.2017
  15. Splash 24/7, “Shippers cry foul over April 1 reshuffle of the global container alliances”, 28.03.2017
  16. Nieuwsblad Transport, Reorganisatie allianties oorzaak voor capaciteitstekort, 23.03.2017
  17. Air cargo news, “Carriers see europe-asia demans surge as box lines feel a cpacity pinch”, 22.03.2017
  18. Fresh Plaza, “ESC asks for clarification capacity seaborne freight”, 22.03.2017.

Service quality of ocean carriers “poor to average”

This article was posted on by under News

The ESC and Drewry contacted several hundred of shippers and forwarders from all over the world in March 2017 and asked them how satisfied they were with the services provided by ocean carriers. According to the survey, the service provided by container shipping lines is rated as poor to average and has deteriorated in the past year. The three areas of service or price in which shippers and forwarders were the most dissatisfied with were “carrier financial stability”, “quality of customer service” and “reliability of booking/cargo shipped as booked”. More…