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ESC Meets German Importers and Exporters

This article was posted on May 29th, 2017 by under News

While meeting German importers and exporters 10 days ago, ESC together with the current market conditions in Liner Shipping also discussed the conditions for potentially longer term contracts with ocean carriers. German Industry just as other ESC members seriously questions the ocean carriers’ current behaviour and has concerns over how Liner Shipping will evolve in the future. Given the importance of shipping in Global Trade, manufacturers and traders need sustainability. Those present agreed that only a constructive dialogue between shippers, service providers and the regulators can lead to continuity and regain confidence.

CORE presented in Paris

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18-19 May 2017, ESC as the Coordinator of the CORE project, took part in the Joint Exploitation Event organised by the European Commission in Paris.

CORE stands for “Consistently Optimised Resilient Secure Global Supply-Chains “, and this year the project has entered into its final stage.  Participating in Paris event was an excellent opportunity for CORE and the other projects to present their products to potential end-users, to the audience mainly consisting of Customs Officers of Member States.   (more…)

Stakeholders to Comment on Electronic Documents for Freight

This article was posted on May 23rd, 2017 by under News

21st May 2017, the European Commission (EC) following the recommendations of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) published Inception Impact Assessment report on electronic transport documents for freight carriage and is asking stakeholders for their feedback.

 DTLF is an initiative taken by the European Commission (EC) to bring relevant stakeholders together. ESC being one of the leading members of this forum worked together with some 100 other representative parties to prepare recommendations (more…)

ESC at Global Liner Shipping Conference

This article was posted on May 22nd, 2017 by under News

16-17 May 2017, European Shippers’ Council represented by its Chairman Denis Choumert addressed shippers’ concerns at the Global Liner Shipping Conference. This annual event gathered almost 200 people, with all stakeholders in liner shipping present. ESC has clearly expressed its worry with the market conditions in the maritime sector. The capacity problem which was already stated in several ESC press releases over the last months was echoed and supported by the freight forwarders and the Global Shippers’ Forum. Although the moderator of the session gave the audience the chance to respond, the representatives of different ocean carriers preferred not to join the debate. (more…)

LEARN Project Report: Reducing Emissions

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Following its International Workshop on emissions in April 2017, the Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reduction Network (LEARN) project produced a report covering its main developments. The project aims at providing businesses with the efficient methodology to calculate and report emissions. This methodology helps to work out the best way to use fuel and reduce emissions. The project itself provides a platform for different stakeholders to share innovative solutions for emissions reduction. For more information, please see here.

Safe Parking

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The Dutch Member of the European Parliament Peter van Dalen organised a meeting on safe truck parking areas in Europe. Theft from trucks is still increasing and sometimes drivers are intimidated during these criminal actions. At the same time parking lots at highways and in industrial areas can be overcrowded with drivers resting, cooking and sleeping. In certain cases the public encounters nuisance from these activities. Some Member States like Belgium forbid the long weekend rest in the truck. This enhances problems in neighbouring countries as lorries are crossing the border just before the weekend.   (more…)

Rhine Alpine Corridor

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The Corridor Manager Dr Paweł Wojciechowski organised a workshop on sustainability of the inland shipping sector. Many stakeholders from the sector including ESC as representative of the users were invited for this workshop. Main topics of this meeting concerned the future of infrastructure and sustainability.

Periods of low water and the escalation of big ships in the fleets on the river Rhine increase unreliability of transport during these periods. At the same time the measures able to remove these problems are limited. (more…)