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Opportunity for Shipper to Discuss the Future of Air Cargo

As technology further develops and globalization intensifies, it is important for shippers to discuss the effect of these developments on the air cargo industry. The 2016 Freight Forwarders Forum “Air Cargo Logistics: Ground for Change?” grants shippers the chance to discuss important issues with prominent experts of the industry. On behalf of CLECLAT, ESC is looking for a shipper among its members to actively participate in the sessions of the Forum.

This Forum, which is organized by CLECAT, takes place once a year and provides for an occasion to discuss policy and business issues affecting the logistics, freight forwarding and customs services sector.


On 16 November 2016 the Forum will take place in Brussels in cooperation with Brussels Airport, at the nearby Van Der Valk Hotel. It will consist of speeches and panel discussions from prominent political and business leaders, including:

It will additionally provide an interesting networking opportunity for shippers. The event will be moderated by Christian Doepgen of the International Transport Journal. The program will take place from 9:00-13:00 after which a lunch will be provided.


This year’s Forum will consist of three sessions which will address central issues of the future development of the air cargo industry:

This session discusses how industry stakeholders can go from lip service to implementation of eFreight / e-Air Way Bill. How can digitalization improve the efficiency, security and resilience of the air cargo supply chain? What are the next steps and expectations of the freight forwarding industry?

During the second session the optimizing of the chain and creation of logistics solutions through innovative collaboration will be discussed. How can integrated solutions be created for the logistics industry? What are the expectations from the customers?

In this session border management and efficient regulatory management will be central. How can digitalization facilitate risk assessment programs such as ACAS (US), PACT (Canada) and Precise (EU)? How can new and emerging threats be tackled?

CLECAT is looking for a speaker in session 1 and 2. If you are interested in participating in this unique event, please do not hesitate to contact Nik Delmeire at Questions can be send to this email address as well.

This article was posted on September 6th, 2016 by ESC under News