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Malmström defends TTIP

Commissioner Malmström (DG Trade) stated that the importance of TTIP cannot easily be overrated.

The Commissioner’s comments on the trade agreement between the United States and the European Union came on the Spanish National Day at October 12th.

The Commissioner made clear that the US and the EU share more than any country the same values. If the agreement will be concluded this voice of US and EU will be heard even liouder than oresently is the case.

In the words of Mrs Malmstrom SME will be the big winner in the agreement. Many SME are now confronted with shkyhigh customs duties (up to 50%) and red tape. Unlike many multinational companies they have according to Mrs Malmstrom not the ability to circumvent them.

Finally Mrs Malmstrom emphasized that sustainability, labour rights and food protection are better of inside than outside a trade agreement with the US. She concluded by saying that she is positive about the outcome of the negotiating process.

This article was posted on October 13th, 2015 by Godfried Smit under News