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ESC – European Shippers' Council

ESC: terminals must release containers

Terminals that currently hold containers because of the financial troubles of container liner Hanjin Shipping, should release those containers immediately. The European Shippers’ Council today calls on terminals to do so because the stationary containers now hinder the global flow of goods.The ESC will work with the Global Shippers Alliance (GSA) in order to find a swift solution.

The board of Hanjin Shipping voted unanimously to file for court receivership in South Korea.

The containers held by terminals worries businesses throughout the world, as they hamper trade flows between businesses and their global commercial partners. For example, businesses’ logistical planning will be complicated by unexpected delays, which will cause longer lead times. GSA, which represents the logistic interests of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers from Asia, the European Union and the United States, has called upon all terminals that currently hold containers to release them as soon as possible. The alliance will speak with the terminals in order to come to a solution as soon as possible.

The ESC calls upon companies to contact them if their supply chain is hindered by the current situation.

This article was posted on September 1st, 2016 by ESC under News