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Cargo Flights Slowly Resume after Terrorist Attacks

The Zaventem Airport in Brussels has stated that cargo flights can be resumed from the 23rd of March onwards.

A day after the fatal attacks at the airport, express carriers and forwarding firms are able to resume their operations. However, delays in the lead times and interruptions of services are expected due to increased security measures.
To avoid these delays some forwarders and carriers plan to re-route part of their freight flights to other airports and hubs in Belgium. However, these re-routes are still minimal. Others, such as BDP International, have decided to cooperate with other major carriers to distribute extra space on flights to Schiphol in Amsterdam as an alternative to Brussels until the situation at Zaventem airport normalizes.

Passenger flights, on the contrary, are still suspended and are planned to be resumed on Thursday, March 31. However, it will likely take a longer period before the airport is back to its normal operations.

This article was posted on March 30th, 2016 by ESC under News