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Businesses fear shipping monopolies

Dutch shippers fear that the alliances in the container liner shipping industry will hinder competition, reducing the choices companies have when shipping their cargo overseas.

Representing the interests of 15,000 manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, collectively referred to as shippers, the Dutch Shippers’ Association (EVO) every year orders a survey among its members on their sentiments towards container liner shipping companies. Conducted for the fourth consecutive year by the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the survey reflects the views of businesses that use deep sea carriers to ship their cargo overseas.

These businesses evaluate the degree of service levels of the container liners which they have done business over the last twelve months on reliability, communications, pricing and shipping routes. The most important conclusion: just as in 2014, shippers ranked the reliability of booking as most important:


Asked about concerns shippers have within the container liner shipping industry, ‘Competition Issues’ ranked highest:



The carrier that performed best on an overall basis, was awarded the EVO Container Liner Shipping Award 2015. This year Hanjin Shipping won the prestigious award. In previous years the award was won by Japanese carrier ‘K’ Line and Swiss MSC.

The scores of the individual carriers were not reflected in the report, but will be discussed through bilateral meetings between EVO and the respective carrier.

After all, shippers’ main focus is on reliability. Shippers’ interests is the end to end performance of their supply chains and deep see is a critical enabler of this. EVO trusts that this survey is contributing to an improved understanding of the shippers’ needs and that this will enable all stakeholders to unlock our common opportunities. With these results in mind, EVO wants to improve the conversation between supplier and customer. ‘Because together we can navigate towards more reliability’, the association stated.

This article was posted on December 17th, 2015 by ESC under News